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Debit Order Collections
Maximise your collections return and minimise the internal administrative burden. Simple, secure and cost effective debit order Collections. A user-friendly, secure and a cost effective way for customers to pay you: Web based – using the system is free of charge. You only pay very competitive transaction fees, which helps to maximise profitability. A variety of easy to understand on-line reports are available. Assistance with your annual audit, a specially designed comprehensive audit report simplifies the process and adds an extra layer of security to your transacting. A dedicated team of highly experienced transactional specialists are on stand-by to resolve any problems.
How does it work? Your business needs to make only minimal changes to the existing file that you currently use to process your transactions with either your Bank or EFT Provider, as our system is designed to cater for all file lay-outs. No need to change banks, we happily deal with all banks. Assistance with the change every step of the way – either by telephone or in-person. This product is underwritten by Sanlam. Sanlam is a Licensed Financial Services Provider.
Better predict your income and minimise disputes DebiCheck is the name for a specific type of debit order that will replace NAEDO and AEDO later this year. It says what it does – a process that will enable your customers to “check” and electronically approve any pending debit order collections from their accounts initiated by your company or organization. How is it different from traditional debit orders? Consumers need to electronically (via mobile phone/online banking/ in branch or via ATM) authorise the DebiCheck Mandate Initiation Request Traditional debit orders are processed late at night, while DebiCheck transactions would be processed early in the morning. DebiCheck transactions can also track daily and collect when funds become available in a consumers account.

Yoco card machines

Yoco Go 

Best Choice for small business



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Perfect if you’re accepting card payments for the first time. Connect to your smartphone with Bluetooth and get paid wherever business takes you.

Yoco Khumo

Best Choice
medium business



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Built for businesses looking to grow. Its built-in SIM is loaded with unlimited data for a lifetime of transactions. No Bluetooth or smart device needed.

Yoco Khumo Print

Best Choice
for large business



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Brand new and packed with all the same features as the Yoco Khumo – plus a built-in printer for physical receipts and an even more powerful battery.