business ideas

Sharing your new start up ideas with experts in their fields

mass media

Share your ideas on our various media platforms.


New business concepts and develop and implement existing plans.


We have a panel of experts from various sectors in business.

why choose us

We are big enough to assist you in your business journey but still small enough to care and to hold your hand through your start up journey.


Being digital in 2021 is a must for every business let us help you to digitalize your business.


How do you keep on innovating your business ? Well we can help you.


Are you able to adapt and use the latest technological equipment in your industry ?


We love people and people loves ENI. Building relationships is what we do best.

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what we offer

business solutions

Assisting our customers with all their required business solutions from A-Z


digital strategies 

Establishing your business digital strategies and engagement.

case meetings

Offer tailored solutions for your business needs.

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documentation processes

From your business plan to your annual growth reports we can assist.


business advisors

Failing in your business due to lack of training and information ? Use our dedicated business advisors to assist you.

digital designs

Let our team of digital guru's assist you with your digital designs.